This my public service announcement. Stop trying to make six figures overnight by creating and selling an online course.

You can make money—good money—by offering premium services, even with no audience.

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Hey, I get it. You’ve been told by a lot of the big names online that you can create a course and have a 5 or even a 6 figure course launch. The reality is harsh. You may spend 2 months or more painstakingly researching your audience, creating a course, and you only make a small handful of sales.

I’ve seen it over and over again. You buy another course or program and get the same results. You pivot your business to create a different course or try a different social media strategy. You keep buying courses yourself. Your personal relationships start to suffer. You get frustrated, dejected and eventually quit.



It’s not sustainable.

There’s another way. A much better way. A definitely more profitable way.

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If you’re reading this, chances are high that you know who I am, but in case you don’t, hey. I’m Verick.


I left a lucrative job (we’re talking multiple 6-figures with an impressive office and sweet benefits) when I saw that it was actually possible for me to create a lifestyle business that supported me, allowed me to travel, and let me make great money doing work that I actually loved doing. 

I have been consulting 6 and 7 figure business owners for >2 years. My very first consulting deal brought me >$35,000 (when I had an email list of 0).

I have a background in Finance and an MBA, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into easy money in the online world. The online world is (surprisingly) about creating relationships and trust...along with a smart game plan. When it comes to my students, I value connection and results.

For the past several years, I’ve seen incredibly smart and capable people struggle to make a living online. Even people with wicked skills. Even people with years of business experience. 


Creating a large scale audience that you can sell information products to takes time. 

And if you need to make rent payments and finally get that new car, you need a solid plan.


I’m offering Premium Service Accelerator -
a fast track small group coaching program to dial in your premium service offer for clients that can afford you and actually want to hire you.


My PSA program works. How well does it work?

By changing your mindset, the framing of your offer and carefully selecting your audience, I’ve seen my clients/students make thousands of dollars within weeks.

Try making thousands with a $9 ebook to an email list of 400.

(For the record, this is not to knock infoproducts, ebooks, courses. Those are great. I want you to keep doing those on the side while you build your audience.)


But what if you could make thousands of dollars in the next few weeks by leveraging what you can already do and what you already know?

You can.


I took what I had been teaching 1:1 and applied it to a small, exclusive group coaching program. Did it still work? Yes. Students learn from each other and offer other points of view in our private Facebook group. They support each other 24/7 in between our live coaching calls

Allie Smith - Creative Gangsters

Take Allie for example.

Within a few 1:1 calls, she booked out over $12,000 of work with two clients. Effortlessly. And neither of those clients were on her email list. Once you have your offer nailed down, you’re confident. You KNOW you can provide this and you can offer stellar service.

The first month I made my first offer to a new prospect who I had never worked with before and I billed $2,000. The next month I billed her $2,400. We recently went to coffee and she’s thrilled with it. My other client and I have an established relationship but I shifted into offering a new service which has higher value for both of us. I didn’t use my email list. I didn’t even have to go fishing in Facebook groups. I offer a base package with additional upgrades available.
— Allie Smith, Creative Gangsters


My clients are smart. My clients are educated.
My clients can’t figure out WTF to offer or how to price it.

I can.



This 8 week small group coaching program is flexible and based on what you need to find and pitch your first premium client. If we need to spend some extra time on crafting the offer before we move onto the XXXX, we do.

Here’s the short version of what we do in PSA:

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8 guided weeks with weekly workshops and live Q&As

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Call recordings + downloadable notes/worksheets

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Exclusive/Private Community for Accelerator Students


Check out Tangie.

She landed her first client only X weeks into this 8-week program!

Lorem Ipsum Tangie Testimonial
— Tangela Seals, XXX

Here’s the deal.


Because this is a live, real-time program, you need to show up. You need to do the work. If you’re not ready, willing or able to make time for this commitment, please don’t sign up.

If you are ready to leverage your skills and talent into a service people pay thousands of dollars for: 



For the value you’re getting, this program is cheap. Actually... why IS it so cheap?


Because I’m offering it in a small group setting, I’m able to do this. And tbh, I get really excited seeing you guys get wins. From your small first wins to your first and second premium deals.

From going to offering one-off $200 sessions (or e-courses) to offering $2,000 done-for-you packages, your business can suddenly become sustainable and exciting.




If it’s not a fit for you or you really can’t afford it right now, don’t sign up. I don’t work that way. I’m transparent about what I sell, what I’m offering you, and what you’ll learn in this program.


Lean Consulting & Client Services

Week 0

Laying the Groundwork with the Design Thinking Primer (Email Course)

Week 1

Select Your Niche & Craft Your Offer. This is the part where you’ll probably get stuck. This is where PSA students have epic AHA moments and insight as they finally realize the missing pieces to their offer. We talk it out. We work through it.

Week 2

Organic Lead Generation

Week 3

1-on-1 Closing

Week 4

Client On-boarding & Project Management



Week 5

Scalable Offers

Week 6

Scalable Lead Generation (Paid Traffic)

Week 7

Group Closing

Week 8

Hiring & Delegation



Here are the logistics


We use a course dashboard and a private Facebook group. And Zoom for our coaching calls and live office hours (Q&A).

You also get a 1:1 consulting call with me (I normally charge $600 for these calls - and they’re worth it - I’m including this free of charge in PSA). This isn’t a self-paced DIY course. I’ve learned that you need specific feedback for your situation. You need to solidify your offer so that you have 100% confidence that you can back it up. 

Isn’t that the problem right now? You’re not quite sure what to offer, who to pitch it to or how to even find that elusive ideal client?

Once again, I do love online courses. I’ve made a few that I’m damn proud of, that have made me a lot of money and I’ve certainly learned from them too. But if you need to start making a living right now, spending months building a product and a year or more building an audience is not the fast track to a profitable and sustainable business.


Verick out.